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Wei Labs Viral Infections Protocol

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Our partners at Wei Labs have shared the following Viral Infections protocol (click on the link below!), which includes an in-depth overview on the most common viruses that infect humans [influenza virus, hepatitis B, adenovirus, herpes virus, Epstein- Barr virus (EBV), cytomegalovirus, and the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)].  Wei Labs Viral Protocol

This Viral Infection Protocol features the following Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) herbal supplements that support the immune system and enhance waste/toxin removal during viral infections.  

 Location ProductDescription
 All viruses in acute phase  Woad  Clears extracellular viruses systemically
 All viruses in acute phase  Bitter, Brown, Qi   Booster, LC Balancer  Enhance innate immunity
 Liver in acute phase                 Woad-R Clears extracellular viruses in liver
 Liver/Blood   Pleurum Clears persistent viral infections in liver and blood
 Kidneys / Urinary Tract   Pleurum-K Clears persistent viral infections in the kidneys and urinary tract
 Lymphatic system Indigo  Indigo Clears persistent viral infections in lymphatic system
 GI Tract   Musk Clears persistent viral infections in the stomach and digestive tract
Heart  AmberClears persistent viral infections in the heart
Respiratory in acute phase ClearLung Clears extracellular viruses in the lungs
Respiratory Perilla Clears persistent viral infections in the lungs Respiratory Jade Enhances lung immunity
Blood Vessels  SophiaClears persistent viral infections in the blood vessels
Brain  AlmondClears persistent viral infections in the brain
BrainGoldClears brain scar tissue caused by viruses
SkinSaponinClears persistent viral infections in the skin
Skin  Jade-REnhances skin immunity

Call Greg Ebacher, the expert on Wei Labs TCM products and protocols, for more information at (612-808-8782).  www.weilab.com

Call Roots' Office at 210-690-1333 (Dr. Aaron Root) or 210-690-2770 (Dr. Heith Root) if you'd like to discuss any of the above topics at your next office visit.  Call now before the hectic holiday rush!   


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