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Chinese Herbs for High Blood Pressure

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The following all-natural herbal formulas from Wei Labs are recommended for patients who are ready for a natural approach to blood pressure management. 


See the attached brochure for more details on why liver and kidney function are an important part of HBP protocols, plus a great patient success story!       


BREEZ - Reduces vascular hypersensitivity (clear Liver Wind) to decrease vasocontraction and lower blood pressure

BROWN - Helps improve liver health (nurture Liver Yin) to reduce angiotensin production and lower blood pressure

LC BALANCER - Enhances microcirculation and nutrient absorption (nurture Kidney Yin) to help repair kidney damage and lower blood pressure

XCEL - Enhances kidney filtration (nurture Kidney Yang) to improve fluid and mineral secretion to reduce blood pressure

CV - Removes atherosclerotic plaque (clear Heart Blood Stasis) to relieve blood vessel restriction and lower blood pressure

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