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  • PainReverse Blueprint e-Book (Dr. Heith Root)

    Dr. Root's "ThePainReverse Blueprint" is a very well-written overview of chronic pain and how to treat and eliminate it. Dr. Root's customized approach to helping re-wire and re-map the brain is a natural and effective way to eliminate pain, avoid drugs and/or surgery, and get your life back. For more details about this intensive PainReverse program, contact us at 210-690-1333 (Dr. Aaron Root) or 210-690-2770 (Dr. Heith Root). Discounts are available for a package of ten (10) 1-hour visits, so give us a call when you're ready for this life-changing experience.   ....

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  • Gut Feelings | Probiotics

    Gut Feelings - That’s Your Immune System Asking for Probiotics, Please! Even though we’re all broiling in this heat and nowhere near the sneezy season, this is still a great time to add a quality probiotic to your health regime. Why probiotics, why now? Because 70-80% of your immune system is in your gut, and probiotics help improve gut microbiome and boost natural immunity. Start a probiotic regime now so your immune system is ready for back-to-school and the holiday season. Here are a few probiotic supplement options from the good folks at Biotics Research: BioDoph-3 GI: Recommended for those with gastro issues and especially beneficial for patients with ....

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  • Wei Labs' TCM Overview on High Blood Pressure | Kidney & Liver

    Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and High Blood Pressure: Liver Deficiency, Kidney Deficiency, & Blood Stasis Check out Wei Laboratories' Traditional Chinese Medicine approach to addressing High Blood Pressure by focusing on liver deficiency, kidney deficiency, and blood stasis. The brochure is very thorough yet easy to comprehend. Contact us at 210-690-1333 (Dr. Aaron Root) or 210-690-2770 (Dr. Heith Root) or use Booksy to schedule your next appointment for a Chiro body tune-up and to review your best option for lowering your blood pressure naturally with Wei Labs' HBP protocol. ....

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  • Chinese Herbs for High Blood Pressure

    The following all-natural herbal formulas from Wei Labs are recommended for patients who are ready for a natural approach to blood pressure management.See the attached brochure for more details on why liver and kidney function are an important part of HBP protocols, plus a great patient success story! BREEZ - Reduces vascular hypersensitivity (clear Liver Wind) to decrease vasocontraction and lower blood pressure BROWN - Helps improve liver health (nurture Liver Yin) to reduce angiotensin production and lower blood pressure LC BALANCER - Enhances microcirculation and nutrient absorption (nurture Kidney Yin) to help repair kidney damage and lower blood pressure XCEL - Enhances kidney ....

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  • Time to Detox | Wei Toxicity Symptom Checklist

    The following Detox Symptom Checklistfrom Wei Labs is a great way to assess your overall physical health and just might be the catalyst you need to check "Detox" off your To Do List. Print the file and fill it out completely, then contact Dr. Root's Office to schedule your 20-minute Detox Consultation appointment ($60/no chiro or acupuncture). Dr. Root will review your checklist results and recommend a 14-day or 28-day Detox Plan from Wei Labs. Click on the following link for further information about detoxification and Wei Labs' 14- and 28-day detox programs. Wei-Detox Product & Info Contact us now to schedule your Detox Consultation Appointment with Dr. Aaron Root ....

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  • Weekly Health Updates  | July Newsletters

    Weekly Health Updates | July Newsletters

    Healthy Root Peeps: Feel free to enjoy these free weekly newsletters from our friends at ChiroTrust. Weekly Health Updates - 08.01.22 Weekly Health Updates - 07.25.22 Weekly Health Updates - 07.18.22 Weekly Health Updates - 07.11.22 Weekly Health Updates - 07.04.22 Weekly Health Updates - 06.27.22 Have a great week! -Roots' Office Diva ....

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  • Dr. Heith Root's e-book TCM Botanicals for Common Health Conditions

    Greetings, Healthy Root Peeps! We're very excited about the release of Dr. Heith's e-book "Chinese Herbal Formulas for Common Conditions". Dr. Root's patients are welcome to enjoy this free e-book, which contains a wealth of information about the various formulas that one can use to bring the body back into a healthy balance. Take care and be well! -Roots' Office Diva ....

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